At Work

Do you like to work in our team?

Currently we do not have vacancies open, but since we are a start-up company and should hire employer(s) in near future, we are interested in persons having skills on:
Electronics hardware (mcu’s, RF & wireless communication)
Programming and protocols (C++, Java, TCP/IP, I2C, USB, BT)
PWB layout design
Sales & marketing

We appreciate individuals, who are interested to learn new things and ways handle our challenges, since electronics area is moving faster than ever. It’s our opportunity as well – we need to understand business challenges and make plans true.

Our main documentation language is English, it’s also needed for communication with parties on foreign countries.

If you feel that you are capable and interested in, have a look timely on our website or just drop an email into info-mailbox. Message format is free, only wish is to have your main interest on the subject field while message body explaining more.