Why company policy is important?

In day-to-day work we may face up with a difficult questions and in that case company policy helps to avoid conflicts. Company policy works as predefined guide creating a strategic link between our vision and operations.

Company policy at Innotronics:

  • Customer satisfaction is very important for us, that is a big reason to make selection when comparing advantages of different aspects. For example, we pay own mistakes, not customers.
  • Fair play. Innotronics respects human and community rights, national and international laws, doing always best for fulfillment. Innotronics endorses sustainable development, taking that aspect into decision making.
  • Employers are our strongest resources, we promise fair and full support from the management.
  • Company earnings will be shared between employers, owners and investors. Employers will get 10 % as minimum.
  • Intellectual property is very important for us, and to obtain full advantage of them in spirit of fair play, Innotronics shares 30 % of sum of IP earnings back to inventors. This offers real win-win situation!
  • Investors and Owners money is as important as our own. This means that we take care about their properties doing our best to improve value of their property and reduce risks.

Above rules becomes in force on Nov. 22, 2013.
Raimo Ikonen
CEO, Innotronics Inc.